Managed Care Solutions

Cognizant TriZetto Healthcare Products

Top Consultants for Your Cognizant TriZetto Healthcare Product Initiatives

We have the top consultants for a broad range of Cognizant® TriZetto® Healthcare Products. Our consultants are experienced in project management and knowledgeable in the specific Cognizant TriZetto subject matter. We will begin by learning about your particular challenges then using our ongoing four-step quality assurance process we quickly provide the best consultants to bring synergy to your initiatives. We offer service for the following.

ATE Support Core Administration

  • TriZetto Facets® – improve business processes and reduce costs with an integrated claims administration, consumer, care and revenue management automated platform. Our expert TriZetto Facets consultants are ready to assist with your specific initiatives.
  • TriZetto QNXT™ – take advantage of market changes and navigate reform with this platform that increases efficiency, improves quality of care and meets compliance requirements. Our top TriZetto QNXT have the knowledge and experience to help assure your platform is agile and ready to compete in the modern healthcare market.
  • TriZetto QicLink™ – built specifically for third-party administrators (TPAs) this platform provides tools to automatically manage cost and quality of care for a variety of plans. Our knowledgeable consultants can assist you with the any challenge you face with this core administration system and bring harmony to your initiative.

Care Management

  • Clinical CareAdvance®-automate workflows and member-provider outreach to reduce costs, improve outcomes and extend care manager’s impact. Our experienced consultants can help integrate your system.
  • Value-based Benefits-implement member incentive programs with this solution that allows design and administration. We have the top consultants to assist with implementing your specific solution.
  • CareAdvance Provider®-make provider workflows more efficient with this integrated utilization management and authorization process solution. This solution works in tandem with Clinical CareAdvance. Our subject matter specialists can assist with any challenge and manage integration of this solution in your project.
  • TriZetto Touchless Authorization Processing (TTAP)-reduce costs and processing time with this automated authorization solution. Let our knowledgeable consultants help you with implementing this initiative.

Medical Insurance Icon Provider Reimbursement Solutions

  • NetworX Modeler®-make faster and better-informed decisions with this contract modeling application that projects the financial implications of provider contracts. Our consultants experienced in this application can assist with integrating this solution for you.
  • NetworX Pricer®– enables you to quickly and efficiently carry out plan repricing for even the most complex contracts and plans. Our specialized consultants will guide you through the implementation process from start to finish, providing you with the flexibility and responsiveness needed to compete in today’s healthcare market.
  • NetworX Payment Bundling Administration (PBA)-this solution utilizes clinical logic to reprice claims based on their role in an episode of care for automated processing of bundled payments. We have the best consultants to help integrate this solution into your core administration platform.

Optimization Software Products

Enable faster and better performance core system configuration and test data management with these automated solutions. We have the best TriZetto Healthcare Products subject matter experts to help you integrate any of these solutions into your platform.

  • Claim Test Pro- provides payers with an organized and comprehensive platform for testing claims data so they can assure accurate processing and payment. 
  • Third-party Interfaces
  • CareAdvance Connect –download patient data from Clinical CareAdvance for case managers to use offline for patient assessments in home
  • Configuration Data Analyzer
  • EDI Transaction Generator
  • Synthetic Executable Enterprise Data
  • Advance Batch Framework
  • Test Data Generator
  • Test Automation Suite
    • Facets® Optimization Software Products
    • QNXT™ Optimization Software Products

Additional Cognizant TriZetto Healthcare Product Services

We have the top consultants knowledgeable in the various TriZetto Healthcare Products offerings and experienced in product management ready to help you plan, prepare and implement your initiatives.

  • Interoperability Solutions
    • TriZetto Digital Platform
    • Connected Health Solutions
      • TriZetto EngageProvider®
      • TriZetto EngageMember®
      • Payer Cost Estimation Solutions
  • Cognizant Quality Management
    • ClaimSphere® Clinical+
    • ClaimSphere® QaaS
  • Cognizant Healthcare Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS)
  • TriZetto® Trading Partner Management
  • TriZetto Elements®-manage and maximize complex government lines of business processing and compliance for Medicare Advantage, managed Medicaid and Commercial Exchanges
    • TriZetto Enrollment Administration Manager
    • TriZetto Enrollment Administration Manager Workflow
    • Financial Reconciliation Manager
    • TriZetto Encounter Data Manager™ 
    • TriZetto Encounter Data Manager™ Workflow
    • TriZetto Risk Score Manager
    • TriZetto Risk Adjustment Manager
    • TriZetto Risk Adjustment Manager for Exchanges
    • TriZetto Prescription Drug Data Event Manager
    • TriZetto Rx Reconciliation Manager
  • TriZetto Value-based Benefits
  • TriZetto Provider Solutions

The Benefits of Partnering with Mediant

  • We know the Cognizant TriZetto Healthcare Products consultants available nationwide, through the ongoing maintenance of our consultant database
  • A compensation analysis of the Cognizant TriZetto Healthcare Products market is included, which can increase retention in your organization
  • Faster completion of specialized searches, with 48-hours or less turnaround on many requests
  • Top consultants knowledgeable in the Cognizant TriZetto Healthcare Products solutions who understand the business processes and peripheral technologies involved
  • Flexibility to provide plus expenses or all-inclusive consultants
  • Measurable project results that will exceed your expectations
  • The ease and peace of mind of a partnership with a health IT focused single point of contact for all staffing solutions needed for implementation, upgrades and administration of your Cognizant TriZetto Healthcare Products services.