Managed Care Solutions

ICD-10 & ICD-11

The Best Consultants for Your ICD-10 and ICD-11 Challenges

Navigating the transition to ICD-10 diagnostic and procedural codes or positioning your organization for the eventual update to ICD-11 (released January 1, 2022) can be challenging, but we’re here to assist. Our consultants work with organizations nationwide and this knowledge and experience ensure a seamless migration for you and your team.

Whether it’s assessing your current situation, bridging gaps in implementation, or providing comprehensive evaluation, training and remediation across all divisions of your organization, we are your ally on this journey.

We will learn about your particular needs and using our ongoing four-step quality assurance process we can quickly provide the subject matter experts to meet your particular needs. Our experts will collaborate with you and your partners to minimize disruptions to your claims cycle, workflow and overall productivity. This coupled with their project management expertise will bring synergy to your coding initiatives. The services we offer include the following.

ATE Support Assessment

  • Assess ICD-10/ICD-11 impact on all areas
  • Risk management support
  • ICD-9/ICD-10 item location and review
  • Cost assessment and projection
  • Assess how compliance will affect your claims and payment cycle
  • Confirm HIPAA 5010 compliance
  • Confirm HIT upgrade dates and costs


  • Ensure scope of transition is understood
  • Plan for compliance and contingency costs
  • Design efficient work flow changes
  • Plan gap fulfillment
  • Create timeline of crucial milestones/relationships
  • Education and training for all staff
  • Map out task owners and resources
  • Remediation plan
  • Loss of productivity mitigation
  • Confirm readiness of third parties

Medical Insurance Icon Implementation

  • Execute plan and timeline
  • Launch data management and IT teams
  • Internal testing of ICD-10/ICD-11 systems
  • Coordination with payers
  • IT remediation
  • Education of clinical, coding, billing and physician staff
  • Support for parallel coding
  • Policy revisions
  • Testing timelines
  • Test transactions with payers and clearinghouses
  • Create or alter all necessary documentation
  • Evaluate and select a search tool

Optimization & Analysis

  • Revise reports and forms
  • Perform system audits
  • Optimize systems and workflow
  • Re-evaluate for annual revisions
  • Evaluate emerging analytics
  • Ensure coder/clinician communication

The Benefits of Partnering with Mediant

  • We know the ICD-10/ICD-11consultants available nationwide, through the ongoing maintenance of our consultant database
  • A compensation analysis of the ICD-10/ICD-11 market is included, which can increase retention in your organization
  • Faster completion of specialized searches, with 48-hours or less turnaround on many requests
  • Top consultants knowledgeable in ICD-10/ICD-11 and who understand the evaluation, training and remediation needed to meet your coding obligations and the affects it has on your organization productivity, workflow and claims cycle. As well as how the codes integrate with your system software, processes and technologies.
  • Flexibility to provide plus expenses or all-inclusive consultants
  • Measurable project results that will exceed your expectations
  • The ease and peace of mind of a partnership with a health IT focused single point of contact for all human resource needs to support your ICD-10/ICD-11 implementation, upgrade or optimization.