The Mediant Leadership Team

Michael Primorac

Michael PrimoracPresident

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As Mediant’s founder and president, Mike brings a wealth of experience to this rapidly growing company. He has spent his career building companies into healthcare resource powerhouses. With an extraordinary operations expertise, Mike and his team of consultants guide successful IT implementations and upgrades for many of the nation’s top healthcare organizations. He has a deep passion for project management and identifying the nation’s best subject matter specialists. Mike leads the day to day operations including recruiting initiatives and sales support. He is also responsible for the company’s strategic planning and fostering an innovative culture that attracts a growing number of America’s finest IT consultants.

Franjo Zovko

Vice President, Client Services
  • C 773-791-1098
  • O 602-903-5708

Franjo is  committed to providing his clients with the nation’s best consultants and outstanding customer service.  With more than 10 years of management experience acquired while in county government and running his own business, he knows the challenges of putting together expert teams and how to achieve an organization’s goals. Franjo has assisted many of the nation’s best providers with placing subject matter experts at the right place - at the right time. He specializes in Epic, clinical and revenue cycle applications as well as managed care programs. As the Vice President of client services for Mediant,  Franjo also conducts research, prepares contracts, and manages other client needs. He is constantly developing more efficient processing and improved training for his teams. With well over 10,000 LinkedIn contacts and fluency in six languages, Franjo and his consultants promise to offer clients the expertise they need. On time and on budget.

Jon Karas

Vice President, Recruiting
  • C 602-768-5278
  • O 602-903-7944

Jon has many years of experience in healthcare IT recruiting. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Regional Development from the University of Arizona. With more than 10,000+ connections on LinkedIn and other networks, he is able to locate the best consultants for the top clients in the industry. Because of his hard work and track record of success, he is a highly sought after recruiting manager for Mediant. Jon is responsible for the management and ongoing training of the recruitment staff. Jon shares his passion for healthcare IT recruiting with his associates and as one of the top recruiters he sets the bar high in meeting all the needs of his clients and consultants.

Jerry Queen

Chief Information Officer
  • C 860.729.9784
  • O 860-322-0612

Jerry is a seasoned veteran of the healthcare industry with experience spanning three decades. His vast knowledge about healthcare operations combined with his expertise with system configuration principles allows him to provide significant value to our clients and business partners. Jerry is actively involved in supporting the growth strategies of our large national insurance carriers while providing leadership and guidance to Mediant's consultants.

Ryan Thousand

Chief Innovation Officer
  • C 970.471.0261
  • O 970.471.1804

Ryan has focused his career on leading the transformation of healthcare via people, operational processes and technology optimization for more than 20 years. His work has established him as an innovator and leader in the HIT industry. Ryan’s lifelong devotion to healthcare was inspired by working with his dentist father growing up. This combination of provider experience and passion for IT led to HIT leadership roles in multiple health systems. Ryan's extensive knowledge regarding the ever-changing healthcare environment and his ability to apply that knowledge to healthcare operations sets him apart in the field. As Chief Innovation Officer at Mediant Ryan stays on the edge of healthcare technology, innovation and digital health tools by developing strong, long-term relationships with strategic business partners, vendors and healthcare innovators. This cutting-edge perspective allows Ryan a unique view of the bigger picture and potential solutions to the problems faced by our healthcare clients.