League of Women

Celebrating, Educating and Inspiring the Women of Healthcare IT.

Mediant Health Resources is proud to partner with CHIME to launch a new talk show series focused on the amazing women of healthcare IT, the League of Women Series.

Statistics confirm that there continue to be less women than men in the information technology field including in healthcare IT (HIT). Women also hold less leadership positions. Mediant and CHIME want to help encourage more women to enter the healthcare IT industry and to support the advancement of women already in the profession into leadership roles.

The League of Women Series was developed to create a forum for industry titans to share their success stories, challenges and career best practices with fellow women in healthcare IT. And for women to be able to also share their personal HIT journeys with each other. Each show will include a learning opportunity on a current healthcare IT topic, the presentation of leadership development techniques, networking and fun! There will also be a few surprises and the opportunity for one colleague to win an educational support prize sponsored by Mediant to one of CHIME’s many boot camps, classes or courses.

The inaugural event was held in early June 2021 as a virtual event with plans for our first in-person event this fall with more to follow across the country.

We want you to join in the conversation as we encourage, celebrate and assist in advancing women in the healthcare IT profession. If you are interested in attending the talk show, sharing your personal story or just want to provide us feedback on topics you would like to see discussed then complete the contact form below and we will be in touch.


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