Learn About our Exceptional Consultant Benefits

As a consultant with Mediant Health Resources, we are pleased to offer you the chance to participate in our remarkable employee benefits program. We provide an outstanding and comprehensive health insurance plan for consultants as well as options for spouses/partners, children, and family. You can find details below.

The following rates are effective as of December 1, 2023.

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Mediant offers a United Healthcare PPO plan. United Healthcare has one of the largest networks in the United States and you will want to stay in network whenever possible. The highlights of the in-network benefits and costs are described below, but please review the detailed benefit summaries that accompany your benefits letter before making your decision. To find out if your doctors are contracted with our network, please check on the United Healthcare website at The name of our network is Choice Plus Advanced (National PPO Network).

United Healthcare $1,000 Deductible In Network Benefits
Primary Care Visit$25 copay (Designated Network Provider)/$50 copay (Network Providers)
Specialist Visit$50 copay (Designated Network Provider)/$80 copay (Network Providers)
Emergency Room$400 copay
Urgent Care$50 copay
Employee/Family Deductible$1,000/$2,000
Coinsurance In Network80%
Employee/Family Out-of-pocket maximum$5,000/$10,000
Prescription (Participating Network)$10/$35/$70/$250
Preventive Care/Wellness100% covered
X-ray and Lab80% covered after deductible
Major Diagnostics80% covered after deductible at a Designated Diagnostic Provider
In-Patient Hospital80% covered after deductible
Out-Patient Surgery80% covered after deductible
Your Premium Per Paycheck* (effective Dec. 1, 2023)
Employee + Spouse/Partner$425
Employee + Child(ren)$410
Employee + Family$675
*Based on 24 pay periods per year.

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The information contained in this webpage is intended as a brief summary of benefits and options available to the employees of Mediant Health Resources. Please refer to your company’s certificate of coverage for a complete explanation of the benefits, limitations and provisions of the plan. The above benefits are subject to change based on state and/or federal mandates and filings.

Plan Documents / Notices

For important documents and plan information, please see the links below:

Documents and Notices
Employee Benefits Guide
Employee Notices
United Healthcare Welcome Kit
Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Certificate of Coverage