Franjo Zovko

Chief Customer Officer

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  • C 773-791-1098
  • O 602-903-5708

Franjo is  committed to providing his clients with the nation’s best consultants and outstanding customer service.  With more than 10 years of management experience acquired while in county government and running his own business, he knows the challenges of putting together expert teams and how to achieve an organization’s goals. Franjo has assisted many of the nation’s best providers with placing subject matter experts at the right place – at the right time. He specializes in Epic, clinical and revenue cycle applications as well as managed care programs.

As the Vice President of client services for Mediant,  Franjo also conducts research, prepares contracts, and manages other client needs. He is constantly developing more efficient processing and improved training for his teams. With well over 10,000 LinkedIn contacts and fluency in six languages, Franjo and his consultants promise to offer clients the expertise they need. On time and on budget.