Franjo Zovko

Chief Customer Officer

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  • C 773-791-1098
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Franjo leads and manages our client team splitting his time between the Phoenix and Chicago offices. Through his mission to assure each client receives outstanding customer service he is committed to building lasting relationships with clients, consultants and coworkers, creating a synergistic atmosphere appreciated by all. As an experienced healthcare IT leader and manager Franjo’s background in county government as well as running his own businesses, assures he understands the challenges Mediant’s clients face. He is adept at assisting an organization in meeting those challenges and achieving its goals. He knows what is required to address provider/clinical and managed care applications and listens to each client’s specific pain points to develop a solution that utilizes the nation’s best consultants to address the issue while meeting timeline and budgetary benchmarks. Franjo is active in industry organizations such as CHIME® and assures Mediant supports the growth of leaders in healthcare being instrumental in our ongoing sponsorship of the CHIME Healthcare CIO Boot Camps and League of Women Series. Franjo is proud of his Croatian heritage, is fluent in five languages and is involved in giving back to his community in a number of ways. Besides Mediant, Franjo’s driving passion is his love of family, particularly his daughter, and he cherishes the time spent with her.