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Epic RIS Implementation Across 2 States and 50 Sites


Drawn by its transparency and exceptional consultants, Sanford Health turned to Mediant Health Resources for end-to-end support implementing a new Radiology Information System (RIS) with EHR integration on a large scale. The project spanned 50 sites and two states, requiring logistical precision and expert foresight. Mediant provided a strategy and consultant bench tailored to meet Sanford’s exact needs and time frame. Sanford Health’s partnership with Mediant Health Resources yielded phenomenal results. Not only was the project completed on time and budget, but Mediant’s finesse enabled consultants to finish ahead of schedule.


Sanford Health is an integrated health system headquartered in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is the largest rural health system in the nation, with 46 medical centers and 222 clinics across 250,000 square miles. Sanford Health’s 44,000 employees, including 2,800 physicians, make it one of the largest employers in the Dakotas.
Sanford Health initiatives include children’s genomic medicine and specialized centers researching cures for breast cancer and other diseases.


After assessing its options, Sanford Health selected Epic Systems’ Radiant Radiology Information System as its RIS of choice. Radiant was implemented in 50 sites spread across North Dakota and Minnesota and integrated with the health system’s Epic EHR.

The scope and complexity of the project exceeded Sanford Health’s immediate capabilities and required seeking augmented go-live support.


While looking for suitable supporting firms, Sanford Health was attracted to Mediant Health Resources, whose passion for delivering high-quality candidates who meet the customer’s exact needs, and amazing communication, ensured that the project would proceed efficiently.

Mediant was tapped to provide support for:

  • The candidate selection process
  • Project management
  • Workflow integration
  • The onboarding process

Sanford Health was immediately impressed with how Mediant handled candidate selection and its expert interview process. The result was a well-rounded bench of talented consultants provided with complete transparency and confidence for Sanford’s approval. Mediant delivered consultants to fill roles as support analysts as well as a site project manager.
Implementation was carried out in two waves, during which time the support analysts were stationed at strategic areas across North Dakota and Minnesota. The site project manager provided support with logistics, schedules, and general oversight during the go-live process.

During this process, the go-live staff provided onsite training support for the new system, assisted the staff in integrating the new Epic system into radiology workflows, and even provided Command Center phone support when it was needed. Throughout the project, the Mediant account representative ensured that the process stayed on track from start to finish with smooth integration.


Sanford Health’s partnership with Mediant Health Resources yielded phenomenal results. Not only were key project goals met smoothly, but the operational feedback from end users was strong and favorable with onsite analysts receiving high praise.

  • Mediant worked with Sanford Health to develop a strategy and consultant team designed to meet its exact needs.
  • All target go-live dates were met, and the process went so well that Sanford was able to send some consultants home early.
  • The project was completed on budget; nothing beyond what was discussed during negotiation and agreed upon in the Statement of Work was invoiced to Sanford Health.
  • Implementation was completed with full transparency, on time, and with logistical precision.

Upon successful completion of the project, Sanford Health expressed the highest satisfaction with both the outcome and the methodology of Mediant Health Resources.

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