Efficient AMISYS Advance Provider Data Management System Expansion


In preparation for an aggressive rapid expansion MediGold partnered with Mediant Health Resources to expand their AMISYS Advance™ Provider Data Management and Claims system. During the project external factors required the acceleration of the project’s timeline, and Mediant was able to rapidly onboard additional resources to meet this need.


MediGold, a not-for-profit Medicare Advantage organization operating in several counties in Ohio including metropolitan areas Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton, has served seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries since 1997. They assessed an opportunity for aggressive, strategic expansion and through preparation for rapid growth determined that their current staffing was not structured or able to meet the demands of such an accelerated expansion on their AMISYS Advance Provider Data Management system.


MediGold needed a trusted partner who could provide resources experienced and adroit in AMISYS Advance provider maintenance, and who could urgently meet their business imperative of installing approximately 5,000 individual providers into their AMISYS Advance claims system from credentialing to implementation.

MediGold needed to execute and complete the work at an accelerated rate in order to support their strategic growth. The project was designed and contracted for completion over five months; however, after the project had been underway for 10 weeks additional concerns arose which prompted MediGold to accelerate the AMISYS Advance expansion to completion sooner than anticipated in order to fully meet the needs of their strategic plan.


In order to overcome the challenges of their project, they sought a partner who could provide a depth and strength of talent resources with valuable AMISYS Advance experience. MediGold also wanted to work with a purely healthcare focused agency that understood the healthcare arena and its unique needs. They selected Mediant Health Resources based on those criteria.

Mediant provided the following services and resources:

  • Light project management, spearheaded by a leadership team with more than 30 years of combined healthcare IT experience
  • Established effective business relationships both onsite and remotely to ensure the Mediant team held an appropriate understanding of business requirements
  • Provided expert consultants with extensive knowledge of AMISYS Advance from both a functional and technical perspective as well as demonstrated capabilities of meeting or exceeding business operational metrics
  • Successful design and implementation of efficient business processes encompassing multiple operational functions
  • Followed all documented procedures set forth by MediGold
  • Documented any suggestions for improvements during the execution of planned tasks,
  • or soon thereafter
  • Established and followed procedures and practices to ensure quality of deliverables and to set limits on rework efforts

During the course of the project new concerns arose which prompted MediGold to accelerate the timeline for the project’s completion. Because of their large pool of expert consultants, Mediant was able to rapidly onboard three additional resources to meet these accelerated needs.


Mediant Health Resources was able to provide a seasoned team of industry and AMISYS Advance system experts to rapidly expand MediGold’s network from credentialing to implementation. Mediant took care and succeeded in meeting all of the project’s quality targets from start to finish.

When the need to accelerate the project became apparent at 10 weeks in, Mediant was able to rapidly expand the team of expert consultants; this led to project completion over three months instead of the initially planned five.

MediGold expressed high satisfaction with the consultants that Mediant supplied. Their expert skill and experience were greater than MediGold had anticipated, and their work impressed the client.

The AMISYS Advance work completed by the Mediant team positioned MediGold for a successful strategic expansion. Because of this, they were able to double their membership.

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