Professional Testimonials

Mediant possesses fortitude and tenacity in assuring that their consultants are well-informed regarding the many facets that are involved with staffing a project. Their work ethic genuinely demonstrates a continuous stream of care and concern towards Mediant integrity as well as their consultants.

Talva H.

Mediant proved to me that recruiting firms don’t always have to focus solely on hiring clients’ interests. I have been consulting in the software training industry for over fifteen years. When it comes to landing the best projects, timely payroll processing and genuine consultant services, Mediant is TOPS! They have done a tremendous job finding me positions and ensuring that I get paid.

Epic© Training Consultant, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

It is hard to find reliable recruiters, but Mediant Health Resources is one of them. They communicate effectively and always keep me posted and up to date. They also make sure that they find the best position for my goals. They truly make you feel like they are working to make your consulting experience better than the rest.

MEDITECH©/Eclipsys© Activation Trainer

Mediant Health Resources has been my favorite agency to work with. They are always professional and always pay attention to my needs as a consultant. They also make my transitions from project to project a breeze, finding my next project within one week of my last one.

Xcelys Configuration Analyst

Working with Mediant Health Resources has been a wonderful experience. Mediant always finds opportunities to match my skills and experience. Mediant is very reliable, which gives me confidence. I don’t even have to think about following up with other agencies.


Mediant Health Resources is my preferred agency. I know I can always count on them to be professional and straightforward. They never submit my resumé without my approval, and they never attempt to micromanage. I have worked with several agencies over the years, but I always call Mediant Health Resources first to let them know I am available.

RN, CPC, FACETS Implementation Consultant

I have had the privilege to work with Mediant. They are very honest, which is what I appreciated most about them. They were able to get me the pay I asked for and I would definitely work with them again. I have recommended Mediant to colleagues.

Crystal Reports Developer, Heritage Health Systems

It has been awesome to work with Mediant. They followed up when they said they would, were always available to talk and were an all-around pleasure to work with. I can’t say enough great things about them. Thank you, Mediant.

Patience P.

Mediant has been a very good company to work for; its very proactive staff is always looking out for the best interests of its resources. The staff is always positive, congenial, professional and personable. I am looking forward to more opportunities to work with Mediant.

Lindsey T.

When the time comes to look for my next project, Mediant Health Resources will be the first company I contact. Whether I am in the recruiting, interview or on-boarding process, I can count on them to address my issues or concerns. When a fellow consultant asks, “How is Mediant Health Resources to work with?” without hesitation I say, “FANTASTIC!” I have heard the same from others.

Michaele H.

Mediant played a major role in my current assignment. Mediant worked tirelessly to make sure the interview and on-boarding process went smoothly. On the few occasions when issues have arisen, Mediant has quickly and efficiently resolved them, exceeding my expectations of excellent consultant support.

Jeff E.

I have worked with a number of companies and Mediant is by far the most impressive. They keep me abreast of any developments in both a timely and professional manner. In addition, they are very personable and trustworthy. Mediant is the first company I will recommend to anyone who is in the market for a new position.

Jessica D.

Mediant Health Resources is one of the best recruiters I have worked with to date. They kept me informed on the project, let me know what was coming up and gave me all the travel and contact information I needed. If I were to work with another company in the future, I could only hope that they would be as easy to work with as Mediant.


I have worked with Mediant Health Resources for over five years. One of their best assets is the way that they support their consultants. I can do my job and not worry about fighting for what is due to me, which is not the case with other firms.

Nationwide FACETS Consultant, Ergo Business Solutions

Mediant has been the best company that I have worked with in my Epic® consulting career. From the point of contact, their words and actions coincided with one another, which in turn created an immediate investment of trust in them.

Talva H.

Mediant is a great organization to work for, and their representatives are awesome as well. I have been working with Mediant and they are professional and personable. Any time I have questions they are available to promptly get things resolved. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mediant!

Susan S.

Mediant’s expertise in handling the logistics of client interviews, presentations, travel coordination and supporting road warriors is greatly appreciated. Mediant’s projects require me to stretch my skill sets, learn more, do more and end the project as a better analyst.

Victoria M.

During my tenure with Mediant, they have always been professional, hardworking and honest.

Even if I have specific requirements, they are able to find opportunities for me that meet those requirements. They will also tell me up front about other positions that may not be a good fit for me, but Mediant lets me decide for myself based on the information they provide.


I am very happy to recommend Mediant. They convinced me to take a shot on a position I was unsure I was qualified for, and less than three months later I have a great job, I’m making a great income, and I’m living in a very interesting place. And it never would have happened if Mediant didn’t see something in me and my qualifications. It felt like they took a personal interest in me and my situation, for which I am very grateful.

Jim L.

As an independent contractor and trainer, I depend on Mediant to bring contract positions to my attention and to represent me to the client. The first project Mediant found for me was with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Mediant arranged interviews, contacted me when an offer was made and provided contractual support throughout the contract. Everything went smoothly and Mediant took care of paying my rate and expenses in a timely fashion. Mediant stays on top of things. They handle each contractor as if he/she is the only one they’re working with, which is a rare and valuable commodity. I have nothing but good things to say to my colleagues about Mediant.

Robert A.

Mediant has provided great opportunities to work with some of the major players in the Insurance/Claim Payer market. My projects have always been fulfilling and rewarding. Mediant has always provided the support and staff to assist in my contract needs and paves the way for a smooth transition from one project to the next one available. My recruiter always goes the extra mile to ensure that I keep busy. I have enjoyed working with Mediant Health Resources and would definitely recommend them to any skilled professional in the Healthcare arena.

Sr. Business Systems Analyst