Sr. Healthcare Developer Consultant

posted on June 1, 2017

Job Description

Location: Durham, NC

Duration: 3+ Months

Major Job Functions/Components

  • Need a PostreSQL Developer/DBA to help us porting 43 Oracle Stored Procedures and ~50 Java embedded SQL statements to AWS based PostgreSQL 9.6 Database.
  • Need someone who can fix migration tool generated rewritten Stored Procedures and SQL as well as write PostreSQL SPs and SQL from scratch.
  • Need someone who can recommend alternative, equivalent to Oracle functions such as Sysdate that don’t exist in PostgreSQL
  •  Brand new position for this team
  • Must be hands on developer with a plethora of experience with Oracle, embedded agile, hands on writing oracle and stored procedure.
  • Identify best practices Postre SQL is a highly requested requirement.