Sr. Business Application Expert Consultant

posted on May 4, 2018

Job Description

Location: Durham, NC

Duration: 2 Years

  • The Business Application Expert provides expert application knowledge that is global for a business area rather than being single process focused.
  • These applications support core business processes such as claims adjudication, membership enrollment, financial processing, etc.
  • PowerMHS, AMYSIS, Facets, and Lawson are examples of core processing systems.
  • The incumbent is sought when there is application considerations needed due to problems, projects, or for overall assessments.
  • This role’s oversight and strategic thinking skills ensures that comprehensive, efficient solutions are being developed and implemented without negatively impacting the current operating environment and systems.
  • This expertise is usually difficult to find in the marketplace.

What are the top 3 must have technical skills? How much experience with each in years?

Need to be able to analyze claims data from a billing/coding perspective (coding not required but must have a basic understanding of CMS/Medical Policies coding and how that works with billing/paying claims). Need to be able to run data queries – Excel strong intermediate or advanced, databases queries (from claims sources) and strong and critical thinking and analytical skills.

What are the “nice to have” but not required skills?

Strong written/verbal communication skills, will be talking to vendors and presenting data, and also reporting into Senior Roles (performance analysis goes to VP Level) to support their analyses.



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