Healthcare Revenue Cycle Operations Analyst Consultant

posted on October 29, 2019

Job Description

Location: New York, NY

Duration: 6 Months

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Acting as Advisor to the Chief Revenue Officer of the organization and working alongside Revenue Cycle Services and H2O (Epic) support teams, this individual should provide guidance and support to facilities already live on H2O.
  • Review existing reports/dashboards to analyze root cause and identify causes of errors causing pre a/r and claim edits.
  • Provide guidance where existing edits can be modified to improve efficiencies.
  • Provide operational guidance to align/improve pre registration workflow adoption.
  • Review charge reconciliation process and identify opportunities to enhance charge reconciliation ownership, reporting, processes and accountability structures.
  • Review work queue volumes and identify opportunities for training and/or work queue realignment.
  • Identify opportunities to optimize work queue logic, including account scoring, productivity analysis, etc.
  • Ensure enterprise standardized workflows are being adopted to reduce facility driven exceptions.
  • Assess accuracy of payment posting, reconciliation and credit balance management processes and recommend improvements to workflow.
  • Identify and implement workflow improvements to support further exception based workflows, increased enterprise wide consistency and staff efficiency, (i.e., account prioritization and scoring, smart text notes auto-populating, auto-routing of accounts based on activity selected, escalation pathway creation)
  • Review existing dashboards and reporting solutions in place and ensure operations are fully adopting tools in place. Identify opportunities for suggested improvements.
  • Provide input to the decision making/governance structure to ensure workflow and content decision making encompasses all appropriate stakeholders with the right level of priority.

Qualifications / Required Skills:

  • At least three years of operations experience in a hospital and professional revenue cycle environment, with emphasis on Hospital and Professional Billing
  • Operations experience in the appropriate Epic applications, including Cadence Patient Scheduling, Prelude Patient Registration, Resolute Professional Billing, and both Hospital Billing and Professional Billing Claims.
  • Strong understanding of multi-hospital health systems required
  • Familiarity with New York City and State regulatory requirements required