Healthcare Oncology Analyst (MOSAIQ) Consultant

posted on July 10, 2019

Job Description

Location: Denver, CO

Duration: 3+ Months

PM Practice Management: Libraries, Conventions, and Quality Control:

  • Radiation Oncology Clinic and XRT support/Med/Hem Oncology Clinic and Infusion support
  • Scheduling: Queing/sch-Statuses/Dict Req
  • Scheduling: User Defined Schedules support
  • Scheduling: Guidelines Mgmt
  • Canned Reports, report requests and users-report training
  • MQ-Documents (Escan/Escribe): naming conventions, tab-views, user practices
  • Document Scanning /workflow/reports/QC
  • Front Office- Ext Directories/ CC mgmt/Doc-Encounter settings/Fax- Monitoring
  • Libraries: procedures/supplies/dx codes/mail distribute lists
  • QCLS/Task-set-library, reports, work list team assignments, pane-views
  • MS WORD Template Maintenance and edits
  • New (non-clin) User creation, role based permissions.
  • Basic Navigation training, panes config
  • New functions training (Practice Mgmt)
  • Patient Work list generated-data (non-clin)
  • Diagnosis code oversight: Serves as HIM liaison for diagnosis code maintenance/entry in Mosaiq
  • MD-documentation oversight: Serves as HIM liaison for MD documentation in Mosaiq
  • Charge-master owner: Serves as Billing/Compliance liaison for MQ-code capture, audits, corrections

DC Department Configuration: Rules, Interfaces, Clinical Support and Customization:

  • Medications Formulary and Pharm oversight
  • Data Sets/Tables Build (ObsDef-tables)
  • Custom Assessments / User defined
  • Custom Escribe Merge-templates
  •  Rules ie FDB/AUC other embedded calculators
  • IQ Scripts- Engine build/test/support
  • Clinical/Pharm Chart views/Infusion rules/policy support/CHANGE CONTROL
  • New users training, New-modules training- Clinical
  • Escribe work group oversight
  • Vendor relations/work orders/quotes/patches/upgrades/custom reports
  • Vendor relations/Maintenance and Support
  • Quick Orders: MO and cross functional quick orders
  • Test Environment (App and DB) Maintenance and Support
  • Security Audits/User Oversight/user License needs
  • Mosaiq Device Installs and Installation Support
  • Upgrades -Project Planning and implementation/communication/testing/validations
  • Upgrades Custom Crystal reporting and porting oversight
  • Interfaces Build, test, validate/ oversight OIM, IIM, ERX
  • Complex report requests/w/ Pt work list or SQL validation
  • Medication Label report and printing
  • Bar Code printing /Bar code scanner (RO-Queuing)
  • Document Scanning / tech support and assignment of server shares
  • Faxing operations and server integration
  • Serves as cross-functional support and Tier 2 escalation for practice mgmt
  • Assures Alignment w/ VH Clinical Practice and Clinical quality objectives
  • Supports any/all downtime and ‘BreakFix’ efforts
  • First Data Bank updates, interaction settings and dept workflows
  • Metriq Registry Software: User-Admin/Vendor relations/upgrades

TC Technical Support: IT-Infrastructure:

  • Oversight/Netwk/OS/Processing/Storage/Performance optimization
  • Backups/Business Continuity
  • DB Server/ DBA recommended DB tasks
  • App server
  • Interface Server
  • Terminal Services Server (Shawterm2) and AD group
  • Test server/ virtual workstation
  • Physical PCs – Installations
  • AD support / User group security
  • OS testing- ie Win10
  • VDI support/testing/printing
  • Remote Access/ MD devices
  • Physics/Dosimetry support/RTs for Mosaiq-ARIA shared devices

OTH Other:

  • Executive Planning/Budgeting and Capital
  • Interoperability
  • Purchase-Licensing Agreements/Negotiations/M&S Contracts/Legal
  • Stacy/ Cancer Registry Relations