Healthcare Director of IT Development

posted on June 28, 2018

Job Description

Location: Boston, MA

Type: Permanent

Position Summary:

  • Supervises all members of the IT Development staff.
  • Provides leadership for developing technology solutions.
  • Aligns IT application development activities with business needs.
  • Directs the purchase, creation, development and testing of applications.
  • Plans resource and infrastructure needs through formal and informal mechanisms such as budgeting and portfolio management.
  • Manages the IT application assets.
  • Assesses risk and makes recommendations for appropriate actions to avoid unexpected obsolescence or other application health issues.
  • Defines and enforces an architecture as context for technology decisions.
  • Ensures that all activities support the application-related needs by aligning priorities with the business needs.
  • Creates processes and supporting metrics to ensure efficiency and quality of application development implementation and maintenance.
  • Provides technical leadership by assessing the current external IT environment as it relates to healthcare and making recommendations that give the client competitive advantage.
  • Provides leadership and direction to department staff; establishes annual performance objectives and evaluates performance; identifies future and current skills needs and creates appropriate developmental activities.
  • Supports the Director of IT Operations in coordinating long-term hardware and system software needs.
  • Interacts with parent company stakeholders to coordinate IT strategies and to identify opportunities for collaboration.

Minimum Requirements:

  • BS or Masters in Computer Science, Information Management, Engineering or similar technical field with 5–10 years experience or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experience with health care insurance, health care providers or health care vendor organizations is preferred.
  • Experience with and ability to recommend a framework for application portfolio management including demand management.
  • Experience with and ability to Implement a framework of metrics for productivity and quality
  • Experience managing third party vendors and contracts.
  • Analytic, quick learner, self-starter, excellent oral and written communication skills, strong work ethic, project management skills, and driven to achieve quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Is quickly able to assess impacts of technology and is able to contribute to discussions about technology implications of alternatives.
  • Is able to make high level estimates during planning discussions.
  • Possesses, or is easily able to acquire, an understanding of the business being supported.
  • Views challenges, opportunities, and proposed actions through the business’ eyes, rather than just from a technology perspective.
  • Possesses a “common sense” approach to business problem solving, and is careful to avoid over-engineering technology solutions.
  • Effective in spotting and grooming talent, as well as identifying and addressing performance weaknesses.
  • Treats staff with trust and respect.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in balancing the diverse interests of various customers.
  • Able to communicate with business clients in language they can understand.
  • Effective at translating complex and/or technical issues into layman’s terms.
  • Is articulate and able to communicate in a compelling manner with customers, peers, and staff.
  • Ability to identify and implement software development best practices.
  • Able to distill complex issues into a set of more easily understood key decisions.
  • Gathers intelligence to provide insight for judgments.
  • Able to effectively influence staff not reporting directly or indirectly to this position.
  • Able to engage staff members to solve problems, create estimates and recommend solutions.
  • Able to quickly plan and communicate “what by when”.


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