Healthcare Development Operations Engineer (Interpreta)

posted on March 20, 2020

Job Description

Location: San Diego, CA

Type: Permanent

Position Requirements: 

  • Experience with WAR and EAR application packages in Tomcat 7 environments
  • Experience with the configuration of Java EE applications in a Tomcat context
  • Experience with Maven, Ant, Git, Bamboo and Jenkins


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, MIS, related field or equivalent experience
  • 3+ years’ of related experience
  • Expertise with WAR and EAR application packages in Tomcat 7 environments, familiarity with the configuration of Java EE applications in a Tomcat context, such as JNDI environment parameters, JDBC data sources, Active MQ message queues, etc
  • Experience with Maven, Ant, Git, Bamboo and Jenkins
  • Skill and expertise with common scripting platforms for Windows, preferably PowerShell
  • Experience designing, implementing and maintaining sustainable automation for the deployment and configuration of Java EE applications and related test databases
  • Experience with relational databases, particularly SQL Server
  • Database installation and configuration experience, including backup and restoration of test data in multiple SQL Server environments.

Position Purpose:

  • Facilitate, manage, communicate and automate tasks for the deployment and configuration of frequent iterative feature builds for multiple development teams into test server environments
  • Streamline the process of quick and frequent deployments of builds into test server environments and assist in elevating the Interpreta development process to the next level of agility
  • Collaborate with multiple feature development teams to identify needs for building and deploying their applications into test environments
  • Deploy and configure daily iterative builds of Java EE applications into Tomcat server environments for multiple feature development teams. Deploy and configure SQL Server test databases with test data
  • Develop and implement automation for deployment and configuration tasks
  • Identify infrastructure needs for deployment environments. Work with the IT Department to procure, configure and maintain physical servers as well as Windows VM environments required for the deployment and testing of Interpreta applications
  • Troubleshoot failed builds and deployments in test environments. Determine and fix environment and configuration issues. Analyze logs and communicate potential code issues to development teams
  • Facilitate, manage and communicate information related to server environments – their current state, deployed versions and availability to developers, QA engineers and team managers
  • Own and execute Git/Stash, Maven and Bamboo-based software configuration and release activities in central Git repositories and Bamboo builds– branching, tagging, building, releasing.


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