Epic Certified Principal Trainer Consultant

posted on April 10, 2018

Job Description

Location: Baltimore, MD

Duration: 2+ Months

Experience Required: 

  • 3 Years experience teaching above application(s) as a Principal Trainer
  • Minimum of 3 credentialing initiatives as a PT
  • Deep understanding of 1 or more applications
  • Training experience
  • Epic Certification
  • Clinical Workflow experience


  • Application knowledge
  • Ability to understand and convey the why of the workflows/functionality
  • Good organizational skills
  • Convey a sense of confidence and comfort with groups
  • Ability to coach and criticize without being critical
  • Ability to explain complex problems to lay people
  • Problem solving skills– to help with issues that may arise
  • Good communication skills – ability to effectively teach the material
  • The ability to evaluate that the CT’s are understanding and absorbing the material and not just remembering and regurgitating the information.
  • Supportive – help to minimize the anxiety of change (Point out the positive of Epic)
  • Proficient with computer systems- Ability/experience with MS office and other software


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