Data Analyst

posted on June 15, 2021

Job Description

Location: San Francisco, CA

Duration: 6 months


  • Not looking for pure programmer, already had that, not enough
  • Very strong SQL and advanced python skills
  • Experience diving into codes, understanding what it is and keeping it running
  • Great business analyst, analytics and technical skills all needed. 75% technical role, 25% customer support identifying/relieving needs
  • Can ask the right questions and keep following the trail to resolve the situation
  • HL7 medical records experience is helpful, ADT more prevalent (ADT is like a small version of an EDI claim) Often claims are not in the right place, needs to be identified and corrected
  • Information exchange knowledge
  • XML experience needed. Not to write it, rather understand it
  • Needs understanding of healthcare data flow
  • Advanced Python and advanced SQL
  • Operations – run, monitor, oversee data processing jobs
  • Data file parsing
  • Internal customer facing leader/contributor
  • Ability to navigate and identify organization resources / subject experts to obtain knowledge in a decentralized organization


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