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Corizon Health

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Corizon Health is a pioneer and the foremost leader in correctional healthcare in the United States. The complexity and non-standard nature of their segment, along with the size of their organization, resulted in numerous customizations to their QNXT implementation that increased processes and workload. Corizon turned to Mediant Health Resources to analyze their system and provide recommendations on how to gain efficiencies.


As the leader and pioneer in healthcare for correctional facilities for more than 35 years Corizon Health has built a reputation for providing high quality healthcare and reentry
services that improve the health and safety of patients, reduce recidivism, and better the communities where Corizon employees work and live. Corizon’s services span 27 states and serve approximately 350,000 members.


Correctional healthcare is comparatively non-standard and complex. Corizon Health’s large size and broad scope further adds to the challenges of healthcare IT in this environment. When Corizon implemented Cognizant’s TriZetto® QNXT Enterprise Core Administration System custom interfaces were required in order to adapt to the needs of the organization and the correctional healthcare environment. As part of this customization, Corizon developed the CARES system to administer claims authorization matching while simplifying the end user experience. These customizations created additional processes and workloads in the areas of claims payment, provider administration, and end user training. Corizon sought to simplify these processes and improve operating efficiency. They required an experienced and trusted partner to assess their claims system and provide recommendations for change.


Corizon Health was impressed by the level of expertise and experience available through Mediant Health Resources, and turned to the healthcare IT support and staffing company to meet their needs. Mediant was engaged to provide a thorough assessment of Corizon’s custom claims system implementation and to recommend options that would best allow Corizon to simplify the system environment. Mediant provided two expert consultants with more than 20 years of experience in QNXTTM and healthcare IT architectures in order to best meet Corizon’s needs.


Mediant Health Resources consultants brought incredible insight to the project as well as a deep understanding of the QNXT Enterprise Core Administration platform. They were able to quickly understand the Corizon architecture in only a few days, and delivered the assessment within the first week of the project. Mediant consultants were able to call out redundancies as well as provide recommendations for a more efficient, streamlined architecture that works seamlessly with Corizon Health’s custom CARES system as a front end, while utilizing updated web services calls to QNXT for data administration.

Mediant’s assessment and recommendations for the scope of Corizon Health’s contract were completed ahead of schedule allowing Mediant to go above and beyond. Mediant’s consultants also provided plans for how best to resolve their recommendations within the project timeframe and budget.